Why did the Red Dress Run Turn into the Purple Dress run and other insights- May 23!

Hashers, your voice has been heard.

After a few years of declining registration, complaints, and run committee burn out, an amazing thing has happened…the run format has changed! Not shy about sharing their idea’s and feedback, hashers had lots to say about how they thought the run should change by sending feedback through the Red Dress Run Survey last year and by showing up at Crack Fillers last November for a Red Dress run brainstorming session.

What hashers seem to be craving most is change.

First, it was brought up that perhaps the dress colour should change since, during last year’s run, a number of hashers were mistakenly identified as running for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. After much debate and voting, a decision was finally made to try out purple for a year. Other hashes also use other coloured dresses in lieu of red so it can’t hurt to try out purple for this year.

Other changes requested were:
– a shorter event
– less focus on fundraising
– easier to organize
– more games and entertainment (specific suggestions have been offered)
– few want haberdashery
– a different location to run and a different venue

The Run committee has figured out a way we can deliver a majority of those changes to you.

The Run
This year’s event will see everything changed except the venue. The run will not be on Whyte Avenue. The length of the event event is also being reduced from 12+hours to under seven. The run and after event, will also feature some hash-like games and an obstacle course. As mentioned the core purpose of this event is to drink, run, and have fun.

It’s been noted that the onerous process by which charities have been chosen in the past places a tremendous burden on both the Hash as well as the charity. To ease that burden, the committee decided to focus on organizations that have special meaning and significance to us. Since suicide and mental health has had a major impact on our group this year’s charity will be Edmonton’s Suicide Hotline (more on this later).
Another change you will notice is that we won’t be asking you for donations of this and that every week. The run will now feature only a live auction and the silent auction is taking a break for this year. We will still have cans and a few other fundraising schemes, but, we do understand you are tired of being asked for donations so often.

More Events and Out of Town Hashers
Like many other hash events, this year’s Purple Dress Run will have a little side action. This will make the event more worthwhile for out-of-town hashes and visitors. There are three days of hashing, Friday will feature a pub crawl, and the Main event will be Saturday. This means hashers can hash as much or as little as they choose.

Whether you like these ideas or not, or, if you have more ways we can tweak this event to make it better, respond to the contact sheet on the Purple Dress Run Website.

Check out the Purple Dress website!

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